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Vince Vaughn stars in a new film, Freaky, that was released in theaters last Friday. Honestly, I think it looks great and I’d love to see it, although I’m not going into a theater until I’ve gotten a vaccine, so I guess I’ll have to wait (I don’t live close enough to a drive in *sad face*). The concept is a new take on Freaky Friday in which Vince and Kathryn Newton switch bodies, only Vince is a serial killer and Kathryn is a cheerleader. Vince is getting a lot of praise for his performance, which is good, because he could use some good press. Earlier this year, he was photographed shaking Donald Trump’s hand in a private box at a Clemson football game in New Orleans. Social media understandably climbed all over him. Since Vince has been known to espouse some pretty conservative beliefs, most people took the chummy moment with the Idiot-in-Chief to mean Vince was a fan. During a promotional interview with the Los Angeles Times for Freaky, Vince said no, he just said hi, like he did James Carville at the same game. But Vince didn’t stop there. He …read more

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