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The autonomous-vehicle industry is devoting more attention to heavy-duty trucks as its robotaxi and consumer car ambitions face technological roadblocks. A driver shortage has bolstered the business case for computer-operated semis, and their highway-heavy routes eliminate many of the challenges involved in spotting pedestrians and predicting how they’ll move.

TuSimple has focused on big rigs since it was founded in 2015, giving it a head start that CEO Cheng Lu told Business Insider has allowed it to build a lead over Waymo and other competitors. Waymo started testing its automated-driving technology in semi trucks in 2017, a spokesperson for the company said, and many of the top startups working on autonomous trucks, like Aurora Innovation and Ike, launched in the years after TuSimple closed its first funding round.

“We are the first mover in this space,” Lu said in an interview. And, he said, no other company has demonstrated automated-driving capabilities for trucks on both highways and residential streets that match TuSimple’s.

The Waymo spokesperson said the company has been able to apply the lessons it learned from testing its automated-driving system in consumer vehicles, which it has been doing since 2009, to heavy-duty trucks. The spokesperson also …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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