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As soon as President-elect Joe Biden steps into the Oval Office in January, he will be hit with an onslaught of crises that will require immediate attention. 

The exiting Trump administration will leave behind a pandemic, a nation nursing the open wounds of racial inequality, and shaky economic prospects, according to transition experts. The Biden administration will have the added burden of trying to win over the roughly 73 million people who voted for the incumbent President Donald Trump.  

Those millions of votes are emblematic of a nation severely divided across partisan lines. Trump’s term was at times marked by intense support from white nationalist groups. When Trump got elected in 2016, white nationalists hailed his victory with a Nazi salute. 

The prevalence of white nationalism is an issue that Biden might have to confront, said Dr. Rick Smith, a biocultural anthropologist at George Mason University.

“What we must be vigilant about in a Biden administration is the possibility of a return to a more diplomatic form of neoliberal white supremacy, a less easily recognizable form of state violence that does not come wearing a MAGA hat,” Smith said.

Biden also faces pressure to return the office of the presidency …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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