President-elect Joe Biden ended up winning 306 electoral votes to outgoing President Trump’s 232, the exact reverse of Trump’s 2016 victory, Trevor Noah said on Monday’s Daily Show. “Which basically means that Trump is the Hillary Clinton of this election. ‘Lock me up! Lock me up!'” But instead of accepting his loss, Trump is “just sitting at home trying to manifest a win on Twitter” while he loses in court, he said. “It’s almost like a miracle. You know, he took one election loss and turned it into 1,000 more losses.”

“Trump tweeted last night, ‘I WON THE ELECTION!'” Seth Meyers noted at Late Night, “Buddy, you’re still talking about that? That was four years ago. Also, we had another election and I have terrible news.” Twitter added a “very passive-aggressive” label on the tweet, he added. “Next it’s just gonna be, ‘Aww, bless his heart.'”

“Even though Trump’s lawsuits keep getting tossed out, it’s clear the president’s not planning to concede anytime soon,” Jimmy Fallon said at The Tonight Show. “So you know what? We thought we’d do it for him and give us the concession speech that we all deserve.” He stitched together a genuinely fine speech.

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