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So you’ve started or are thinking about starting your own coaching or consulting business — congrats! Now you want to know how to land clients consistently and have a flow of people constantly seeking you out to hire you.

I’m going to show you the steps I took (with a script and a couple of major hacks) to quickly land clients. I used these when I first started my coaching business as a side hustle before growing it into a thriving business that allowed me to walk away from my $500,000 a year career in tech. 

1. Tell everyone you know — in a strategic and non-annoying way

I started by telling my friends one by one about how I was training as a life coach. Share your own steps with those close to you. Your friends will congratulate and support you (if they don’t, find new ones!).

But my friends were not going to be my clients — I had to generate some. And there are no clients without awareness. 

Here’s the exact email that I sent to my personal contact list of around 50 people which landed me my first 10 paying clients.

Hello friends!

For those of you who do …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Strategy


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