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Cardinal Education started as a tutoring company almost two decades ago. We have consultants who specialize in admission to private high schools, colleges, and universities, and others who specialize in dealing with students with learning differences or test preparation.

This time of year, college consulting and private school admissions consulting are extremely busy, and in that role, I can function as strategist, academic coach, or tutor. Most education companies view tutors as resources who teach the “what.” We try to teach the “so what?” and the thinking it takes to succeed and enjoy the subject.

We’re fortunate to be able to work with some great kids. They come to us from a variety of backgrounds and abilities and go through an empowering, holistic process. We embrace students for who they are, and then help give them the courage and tools to think about who they want to be and the confidence to get there.

All throughout the pandemic, I’ve been going to our offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, as we’re considered an essential business. 

From March until June, I didn’t see any employee in person. From March until July, I didn’t see a single student in person. Since then, …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Strategy


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