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Recounts and court battles and Senate runoff races are yet to come, but the likeliest final conclusion of the 2020 election is a President Joe Biden entering office and serving with a narrowly Republican Senate, a Democratic House, and a conservative-majority Supreme Court. We’re probably back to divided government, at least for two years.

A partisan split like this typically means gridlock on the Hill and a steady stream of executive orders from the White House. For foreign policy, it should mean reform, restraint, and a pivot to peace.

American voters have been seeking peace with our presidential picks for years, after all. George W. Bush was elected promising to make the United States “humble” abroad, to reject nation building and decline to interfere in other nations’ affairs. Instead he invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, launched nation-building projects in both, and introduced drone warfare.

Barack Obama ran on a repudiation of the Iraq War and the Bush administration’s interventionism more broadly. He left office the only president in American history to complete two terms entirely at war, expanding American military intervention into Syria, Libya, and Yemen while maintaining it in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Somalia.

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