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Many young professionals have seen their careers derailed by the current recession.

One way to get back on track: Read a book. Specifically, a book that will teach you crucial lessons about professional success and personal fulfillment.

Overwhelmed? Business Insider has gathered 34 options right here. These titles include career guides, business memoirs, and academic research on how to maximize your time and network.

Read on for the business books we think every professional should read before turning 30.

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“So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport

Some of the most common advice you’ll hear when you’re starting out is that if you pursue your passion, the money will follow.

But there’s a big caveat to that, argues Newport, an author and a professor. For most people, he says, mastery of a certain skill can lead to finding your passion, since it can open new doors and allow you to progress in your career.

He’s not suggesting you give up on your dreams. Rather, ensure that you pair …read more

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