Kate Middleton

Back in October, the Daily Mail tried to bury some not-so-flattering excerpts from Robert Lacey’s Battle of Brothers. The excerpts were all of Lacey’s accounting of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s early courtship, from when then-Kate Middleton repeatedly threw herself in William’s path, and then clung to him and stayed with him while he cheated on her constantly. While Lacey didn’t say “stalked” or “clinger” or “Carole Middleton orchestrated the entire thing,” Lacey definitely left enough room for readers to draw their own conclusions. And honestly, we’ve heard all of that stuff for years. Lacey’s version was just a rehash of what was already widely known at the time: Kate changed universities to throw herself in William’s path and then did everything to keep him. But… now the Daily Mail has an interview with a friend of Kate (during their school years, I suppose) and now we’re supposed to believe that Kate never wanted any of this. Waity, please.

Hurtful claims that Kate Middleton targeted from an early age becoming Prince William’s bride have been strongly repudiated by a friend. Talking to The Mail on Sunday on the eve of the tenth anniversary …read more

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