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President-elect Joe Biden is set to make Ireland his first foreign state visit, sources in his campaign have told Business Insider, in what supporters in his ancestral home believe would be a watershed moment in their relationship with the United States.

The move, if confirmed, would be a coup for Micheál Martin’s government and would add to growing pressure on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to change course on Brexit after a difficult beginning to his relationship with the President-elect.

Biden’s recent interventions in the Brexit negotiations have been greeted favourably in Ireland and with suspicion in the UK government, where Johnson is being urged to soften his position on the Northern Ireland border in order to strike a trade deal with the EU.

If Johnson does bend then Biden’s interventions will undoubtedly be credited as a major factor and a further sign of the increased importance of Ireland as an ally for the US.

Biden’s interest in the matter is rooted in a deeply-felt affinity with his ancestral homeland.

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