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People sometimes wonder how it was possible for the guidance computer in Apollo 11 — a computer with less memory than the cheapest Windows 10 PC in use today — to reach the moon. 

The answer: It didn’t waste any processing power on a fancy interface, or multi-tasking. 

You can eke some extra performance out of your own Windows 10 computer by making it a little more minimalist, like that original Apollo 11 computer. You can also give it a straight upgrade.

Here are seven ways you can speed up your Windows 10 computer right now. 

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Reduce the amount of apps that open at startup

If your computer takes a long time to boot, the most likely culprit is that you have too many programs slowing down the startup process. 

This means there may be a lot of unnecessary programs running in the background, which continue to slow things down even after Windows is fully booted. Here’s how to fix it:

1. Right-click the Start button and choose “Task Manager.”

2. In Task Manager, click the “Startup” tab.

3. If you see a program you don’t want to run at startup, right-click it and choose “Disable.”

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