Lady Diana Spencer, the future Princess of Wales

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Weeks, we saw the exciting new images for Season 4 of The Crown. This is the season where Lady Diana Spencer is introduced, and we’ll see some of her courtship with Prince Charles, and their wedding, of course. Emma Corrin in the “Shy Di” wig looks really good, so I have confidence in that, but I’m not sure if I have confidence in how they’ll actually portray Diana’s early years in and around The Firm? And I’m especially uncertain about the story now that I’ve actually read The Crown’s creator/producer Peter Morgan’s take on Diana.

“She’s just such an extraordinary char­acter,” said Peter Morgan, the Oscar-, Emmy-, and Tony-nominated screenwriter and creator of The Crown, who has spent the last decade and a half—since his film The Queen—imagining what Buckingham Palace looks like behind the scenes. “She was very much the British Eva Perón—such a mythic figure, so much bigger than anything we’d been used to.”

Morgan also acknowledged that it’s hard not to view recent royal history through a lens of …read more

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