Drift cofounders David Cancel and Elias Torres

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When COVID-19 forced marketing software startup Drift to go fully remote in March, introverted CEO David Cancel found himself taking naturally to working from home.

“I joked at the beginning of the pandemic that I was born for this,” Cancel told Business Insider.

His talkative cofounder and CTO Elias Torres was another story.

“Remote SUCKS,” the extroverted Torres wrote in an October LinkedIn post. “There I said it. Communicating over text is NOT enough.”

The cofounders told Business Insider that they previously found their personalities complementary, not clashing. But going remote has forced them to reevaluate how they communicate with each other and their company of over 400 employees.

The pair spoke with Business Insider to share what they’ve learned from months of remote work and years of working with each other.

Understand that people communicate differently

Learning what people really mean has been critical to Cancel’s success as CEO.

As the company has grown, Cancel has placed increasing importance on understanding how people think to help keep operations running smoothly.

“My job is only psychology,” Cancel said, 

The first hurdle he overcame was learning how Torres’ communication style differed from his own. As an introverted person, he tends to process things internally, while Torres likes to …read more

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