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Doxxing — which refers to “dropping docs” — is when an internet user targets a specific person or group, finds personal information about them, and then publishes it online. 

Personal information can include, but is not limited to: phone numbers, email addresses, family members, spouses, real names, employers, or personal photographs. Most of the time, doxxing is a form of malicious harassment or revenge on celebrities, journalists, social media influencers, politicians, or just about anyone the doxxer has a grudge with. 

The term gained popularity on dark message board sites like 4chan, whose users pride themselves on being anonymous. So if someone is able to expose you, it is considered to be the ultimate disgrace. Now, it is a much more common form of outing someone you don’t agree with personally or politically. 

For example, a journalist for The Daily Beast was doxxed after he published a critical article about then-presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The journalist, Scott Bixby, received thousands of text messages and voicemails from Sanders supporters and internet trolls. 

In another case, a controversial YouTuber who goes by Onision, was banned from Patreon after he posted …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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