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The iPhone 12 Pro Max stands out for its long battery life and super-sized display.
It also has a closer zoom than the iPhone 12 Pro, but many of Apple’s most compelling camera features are found on the other iPhone 12 models as well.
There’s little else that differentiates the iPhone 12 Pro Max from the iPhone 12 Pro, but it’s ultimately a good thing that Apple isn’t making you buy the priciest model to get the most important features.
However, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is missing some useful features found on Android devices that I would have liked to see on a phone as expensive as the Pro Max. 
Overall, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a solid choice for those who want a phone that can also serve some of the same purposes as a tablet.
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Apple has been making super-sized versions of its smartphone since 2014, but it’s getting another significant bump in size this year with the $1,100 Phone 12 Pro Max.

The recently launched top-of-the-line iPhone has a 6.7-inch display, …read more

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