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Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. She underwent a lumpectomy and chemotherapy. In February, 2006 she was pronounced cancer free. Kylie is now talking about how the diagnosis rocked her world. In a new interview with People Kylie spoke about the day she received her diagnosis. She said she and her friends were dazed by the diagnosis and she felt as if the earth had slipped off it’s axis. Kylie said that she and her friends found themselves so dazed that they responded to the barista in Starbucks very robotically. She said that having that experience made her realize “you really don’t know what anyone is going through.” Here are a few excerpts from Kylie’s interview:

“It’s like the earth had kind of slipped off its axis. You see everything differently,” Minogue, 52, recalls in this week’s issue of PEOPLE.

“I remember having had my diagnosis, but the world didn’t know. I was with my brother and my boyfriend at the time — we were all in a daze and went to a cafe. The server at the cafe was like, …read more

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