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I know that at-home STD tests exist because don’t ask me how I know this. They’re FDA approved and if you factor in the driving time and costs at the doctor they’re competitively priced. After reading this Jessica Chastain interview I just realized that there are at-home coronavirus tests available. MyLabBox has a “viral detection test using saliva sample” for $150. There’s also one from the company Jessica Chastain represents, Let’s Get Checked, which is slightly more affordable at $119 for a lower nasal swab PCR test. From what I can find they do not accept insurance. These are the full coronavirus tests, they’re not rapid tests, and while it’s cost prohibitive to get them frequently it’s nice to know it’s an option. (Harvard Health reports that “the reported rate of false negatives is as low as 2% and as high as 37%” for these type of tests.)

Chastain’s interview is with The Wall St. Journal and my friend with a subscription sent it to me. (Thanks Angie!) Chastain is skilled at giving just scant details about her personal life. She’s boring by design and I say that with …read more

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