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The average cost of car insurance in the United States is $1,348 per year or $112 per month, according to data Business Insider obtained from S&P Global Market Intelligence.
The state you live in, the level of coverage you’d like to have, and your gender, age, credit history, and driving history will all factor into your premium.
While a California driver might pay between $987 and $1,815 per year, a driver in New York may pay between $1,352 and $2,752 per year for coverage.
That said, you’ll want to shop around and see which insurance company will have the best price for you. Before you start shopping, use this guide to get an idea of car insurance prices. 
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If you’re in the market for your next car insurance policy, it’s important to understand all the factors that can go into the price you’ll pay for coverage. 

Car insurance policies have lots of moving parts, and your premium, or the cost you’ll pay for coverage, is just one of them. Insurance is regulated at the state level, and laws on required coverage …read more

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