Madison LeCroy in a Hat

Now that Season 7 of Southern Charm is underway, Madison LeCroy is upping her game.

And by “game,” we mean her breasts, as she has gotten herself a pair of implants.

In late October, Madison LeCroy shared a surgery photo on Instagram.

“If live gives you lemons,” Madison quipped on Instagram, “Dr O’Neil can turn them to melons.”

She wrote: “Thanks to his excellent team for making this momma feel like herself again.”

This was a simple surgical enhancement to her breasts.

Some fans were quickly worried — some reality stars end up giving themselves massive augmentations that defy belief.

Clearly, as her most recent pic shows, Madison was not doing anything too dramatic.

She said as much in her Instagram Story, but quickly reassured her fans about what Dr. Patrick J. O’Neill of O’Neill Plastic Surgery in Charleston had done for her.

“I freaked a lot of you out with my implant post,” the Southern Charm star acknowledged.

Madison expressed: “just wanna say don’t worry about it.”

“Just because I’m having an implant,” Madison noted, “does not mean that I’m coming with boobs as big as my head.”

“I promise you,” she assured, “Dr. O’Neill and I have decided we are going to …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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