Jed Duggar

The outcome of Jed Duggar’s race for the Arkansas State House was a bit overshadowed by other news stories that emerged that same week.

Sadly, despite all the blue-and-red map poking that occurred, neither John King nor Steve Kornacki found a moment to zoom in on Arakansas’ 89th district for a look at the highly-anticipated contest between Jed and Democrat Megan Godfrey. For shame!

So it might be a little later than expected, but — courtesy of our friends at Starcasm — we finally have the results of Jed’s first foray into the political arena.

And if you’re critical of the Duggar family — or even just the idea of a privileged 21-year-old with no experience carpertbagging his way across the state in search of a cushy job — then you’re gonna love this one.

Arkansas, as you probably know, is a state that’s redder than a communist uprising at a Heinz bottling plant.

And yet, Jed, the ultra-conservative Republican candidate, got his ass absolutely handed to hjim by a female Dem schoolteacher who’s currently earning her PhD.

We guess this is a big victory now not only for danity over absurdity, but also for trditional education over … whatever the hell …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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