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It’s a new day in New York City’s Trump Tower.

Sandra Arnold, who lives in Chicago but has owned an apartment there for over 20 years, said that when President Donald Trump’s political star began to rise, it was “terrible” in the building.

“I really did think that I want to move and sell the property, but I love New York so much,” she told Business Insider.

But now that Trump has suffered a historic defeat — he’s only the eleventh incumbent president to lose his reelection run — things at the swanky Midtown tower could change.

For one, residents and realtors hope that the extensive security around the building may relax. In November 2019, Trump announced that he would be permanently relocating from New York to Florida — and Arnold hopes he stays true to his word. 

“I’m hoping that if he doesn’t come back there, and we take his name off the building, we could have a wonderful spot to live again,” she said.

Matthew Soufer, whose parents Negar and David bought one of the building’s 238 units in 2017, said his family has no plans to sell it anytime soon. 

“We just got it at a really nice price because …read more

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