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Months of working long days when work and home life overlap is burning out remote workers  – and endangering the companies they work for, multiple studies show.

To address this, Microsoft is building optional mindfulness features into its Teams software to help work-from-home employees mark the beginning and end of their day and “stress less, focus more.”

In a survey of 6,000 users of Microsoft Teams, the software giant found that 30% feel more burned out due to COVID-19, and a third feel stressed because of a lack of separation between home and work. In one telling stat that may explain some of this burnout, after-hours chat messages to employees are up 69% during the pandemic and weekend chat messages have increased 200%, the company found.

“It feels like work is continuing all the time as I’m more and more getting wrapped up into this ‘always on’ work culture now than ever before,” one Microsoft employee is quoted by the company as saying early on in the pandemic.

And stressed employees mean at-risk workplaces, experts say. 

Experts say burnout has a direct result on cybersecurity. “Understanding how stress impacts behavior is critical to improving cybersecurity,” wrote Jeff Hancock, a professor at …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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