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As the coronavirus crisis stretches into the fall, Silicon Valley’s workforce is more burned out than ever before. 

That’s according to a new survey from anonymous workplace chat app Blind, which surveyed 3,023 employees at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Blind’s poll found that employees at some of the world’s biggest tech companies are feeling more burned out than they did prior to the pandemic. 

Of the total employees surveyed, 68% said they feel more burned out than they did when they worked at an office. Burnout is particularly high among employees at Google and Facebook: 79% of Google employees who responded to the survey say they’re more burned out than before, and 81% of Facebook employees said the same. 

Blind’s findings highlight that employee burnout is getting worse, not better, as the coronavirus pandemic stretches into the fall. A study of 3,921 users conducted on Blind in February found that 61% of professionals were burned out for reasons most often related to an unmanageable workload, insufficient rewards, and a lack of control of their work. By May, that number had risen by 12%, with one in five citing fears over job security as the main …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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