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After insults and missile tests, summits and “love letters,” US-North Korea relations have come to a stall for the better part of a year, each nation preoccupied with the coronavirus pandemic.

That relative quiet was broken this weekend when North Korea’s ruling party celebrated its 75th year with a military parade and unveiled a gigantic ICBM. However, dramatic displays are nothing new for the Hermit Kingdom.

For Washington, then, the task at hand is to refuse to be provoked, because North Korea’s new ICBM doesn’t change two basic truths about US security vis-à-vis the Kim regime: that North Korean denuclearization is vanishingly unlikely in the foreseeable future, and that the US can coexist with a nuclear North Korea indefinitely.

Washington’s engagement with Pyongyang is too often framed around a single question: How can we get Kim to surrender his nuclear weapons?

Denuclearization would be a good thing, but this is the wrong question, and its deviance from our proper goal sends the entire project off-target. The question we should be asking is rather: How can North Korea be kept at peace?

Of course, peace precludes nuclear warfare. As an overarching goal, it encompasses the substance …read more

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