Cisco Senior Vice President Jeetu Patel

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The pandemic, which forced millions to work and study from home, turned Zoom, the wildly successful video conferencing platform, into a household name — and a tech titan in its own right, now valued at almost $159 billion.

Cisco’s Webex also saw a spike in traffic during the crisis, but the 25-year-old platform is grappling with the view that it’s the stodgy, uncool alternative to its hip young rival. That’s what Jeetu Patel, whom Cisco poached from Box in August to lead its Webex team, hopes to change.

Patel, who was Box’s chief product officer and chief strategy officer who is now Cisco’s senior vice president for applications, said his game plan for making Webex cool is pretty straightforward: “To build a product that people love so much that they’re willing to talk about it to their friends and family.”

“Coolness is a reflection of how delightful the experience is,” he told Business Insider.

Patel said he was initially reluctant to join Cisco. “I had gotten a call from [Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins], saying, ‘Hey, we are looking for someone who can help us more to a SaaS (software-as-a-service) based business model,” he said. 

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