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Pete Souza: My attitude is, if you’re documenting for history, you wanna be there all the time, ’cause you don’t wanna miss anything. And you can’t always predict when history is gonna take place.

Narrator: That’s Pete Souza, former White House photographer to Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.

Pete: I think it’s important for history. I think it’s important to have these moments behind the scenes, where you get a real good sense of not only what he was like as a president, but what he was like as a human being.

Narrator: Pete was behind the camera for iconic Obama-era moments like this and this.

Pete: The photographs can show emotion and context and mood in a way that words can’t. The still image is something that is just seared in your brain.

Narrator: After documenting the lives of two sitting presidents, Pete Souza knows better than most what it takes to be a White House photographer.

Pete: I started out working for newspapers in Kansas and Chicago. In 1983, the White House photo editor at the time reached out to me about a position at the White House. So that’s what led to the job …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Life


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