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I’ve lost count of how many “fresh starts” Jennifer Aniston has had over the years, but my guess is that the number would be in the hundreds. At this point, it’s not even Jennifer pushing that particular narrative, although she absolutely has pushed it in the past. What I find really, really interesting these days regarding Aniston is that her post-Justin Theroux “fresh start” didn’t involve another serious boyfriend. Sure, Aniston and Brad Pitt are playing their stupid f–king tabloid games, but beyond that… there’s nothing. At the age of 51, Jennifer isn’t dating anyone to get attention. She’s got her mansion and her dogs and her goddess circle and she’s happy. The Real Fresh Start!

A new leaf! Jennifer Aniston worried fans when she admitted in a recent interview that she once considered quitting acting. These days, however, she has no plans to leave Hollywood — but she may rejigger her focus.

“This year has been the most groundbreaking of Jen’s life in so many ways,” a source exclusively says in the new issue of Us Weekly. “She worked her butt off to make The Morning Show a success and seeing that happen has given …read more

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