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President Donald Trump once again refused to condemn the far-right conspiracy movement QAnon on Thursday and praised the group multiple times during an NBC News town hall Thursday.

The president has repeatedly shared tweets and posts promoting the theory, which claims that the world is run by a satanic cult of pedophiles and powerful Democrats, and that Trump is the only person who can save the world from them.

“Can you just, once and for all, state that that is completely not true and just disavow QAnon in its entirety?” the moderator, Savannah Guthrie, asked Trump at the town hall.

“So, I know nothing about QAnon,” the president began, before Guthrie reminded him that she had just told him what the conspiracy was about.

“I know you told me, but what you tell me doesn’t necessarily make it fact, I hate to say that,” Trump said. “I know nothing about it. I do know they are very much against pedophilia. They fight it very hard. But I know nothing about it.”

QAnon has been linked to multiple online hoaxes suggesting that there’s a worldwide child trafficking ring being run by elites and powerful Democrats. The movement to end child trafficking, called “Save The …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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