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I’m still rehydrating after shedding a liter of tears last night while watching My Octopus Teacher. 

I touched an octopus once as a kid while diving off the coast of San Diego. It was a bad idea. (The lil guy got stressed out, inked, and then darted.) But boy, octopuses are so cool, and I’m a big fan of the doc — which, you know, makes me different than exactly no one. 

Anyway … this week in energy brought talks of a mega-merger, the year’s biggest solar IPO, and a new forecast for the future of oil. Let’s get to it! 

Amazon, Bill Gates, and Serena Williams bet on a unique startup that puts a price tag on trees

In a sense, trees already have a price tag — if you cut them down, you can sell them as timber. But you can also make money by leaving them in the ground.

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