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It’s well documented that earning an MBA is linked to future salary increases. 

According to the Financial Times, for example, the average pay of MBA alumni came in at around $142,000 in 2017 — up 12% since 2014. 

“Every year up to 2014 and since we began collecting data, MBA graduates always at least doubled their salaries within three years of completing their degree,” the Financial Times’ Laurent Ortmans reported.

But doing the coursework and graduating with a degree are only part of the equation. The rest depends on how MBA students leverage their time in the program and how they apply what they’ve learned (and the connections they’ve made) to land higher-earning jobs. And women and people of color still continue to experience pay gaps even after earning these advanced degrees. 

Meet four MBA grads who credit their degrees to increasing their salaries and job prospects, advancing them to more senior roles, allowing them to make career transitions, and giving them the courage to take professional risks that have paid off. They shared with Business Insider what aspects of their degree and specific programs they think have most helped with these successes.

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