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While VR headset adoption has lagged behind expectations due to technical issues, the market is now on the cusp of a transformation thanks to the promise of 5G.

The new standard’s technical capabilities, like low latency, lightning-fast speeds, and support for edge computing, will help VR overcome the barriers that have inhibited its adoption. As a result, explosive growth in the VR market is expected to coincide with the rollout of 5G networks. 

As the chief growth engine for the VR market, telecoms have an opportunity to monetize the immersive tech beyond simply providing the connectivity for it.

Since the VR market is still relatively nascent, early moving telecoms have an opportunity to step in and revolutionize the VR monetization paradigm before the technology is mainstream. Network operators have a particular advantage in becoming VR solution creators and enablers because they have early access to 5G networks. That gives them a head start on prototyping 5G-dependent VR hardware, content, and …read more

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