Lauren Duggar and Hubby

In a quasi word?


That’s the reaction many Counting On viewers are having at the moment, after viewing a photo Joy Duggar that has left them convinced her sister-in-law is pregnant.

Allow us to explain…

Joy, you see, recently posted photos she took of her and her children while they were allegedly out and about with Josiah and Lauren.

“Went searching for an apple orchard with @siandlaurenduggar, but found peach trees instead!” Joy’s caption to the following photo read, concluding:

“It was still beautiful! Fall is my favorite.”

Based on this picture, social media users think Lauren Duggar is expecting her second child.

We probably need to explain again, huh?

As you can see, fans have noticed that Josiah and Lauren are not in any actually in this snapshot.

These same fans have then jumped to perhaps an enormous conclusion by stating that Josiah and Lauren are elsewhere in the lovely setting, posing for photographs that will be used for their impending pregnancy announcement.

Does this seem like a slight stretch?


But, hey, it’s possible!

“Looking for an apple orchard? For pictures perhaps? Pregnancy announcement pictures?” one user questioned.

“It might also explain why Bella is in a frou frou outfit and Evy is in leggings and a onesie,” another individual …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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