Joy-Anna Duggar and Two Kids

Back in August, Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed her second child.

And the 22-year-old seems to have taken to motherhood even more naturally than her sisters.

She started young, of course — very young.

Joy-Anna got pregnant on her honeymoon with Austin Forsyth, and the two of them have not stopped breeding since.

Sure there are occasional rumors that Joy is feeling rundown, but for the most part, she seems to enjoy every second of life as a mom.

Of course, motherhood is always difficult, and it’s even harder when you have zero help from your spouse.

As cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, etc. are all considered “women’s work” in the Duggar’s world, Austin doesn’t take part in any of those chores.

So perhaps Joy really is feeling a little stressed these days.

At least, that’s the conclusion fans gave arrived ag laying eyes upon her latest Instagram post.

It seems the Forsyth family took a little fall stroll this week, and Joy decided to document the occasion for her fans.

However, many commenters were less interested in the brightly-colored foliage than in a very uncomfortable photo of Joy and Austin’s kids.

As you can see, little Gideon and Evy were crammed into a basket for a photo opportunity.

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Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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