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A few years ago, the only game launcher that anyone needed to think about was Steam. Now, between Battle.net, GOG Galaxy, and the Epic Games Launcher, it seems like every new game comes with its own program to run it.

If you’ve installed the Epic Games Launcher but later decide you don’t want or need it, you can uninstall it with just a few clicks.

Just note that before you uninstall the Epic Games Launcher or any of your games, you should make sure they’re fully closed. If you’re on a PC, this might involve ending their processes through the Task Manager.

How to uninstall the Epic Games Launcher from a PC

1. In the Start button search box, type “remove” and then click “Add or remove programs” when it appears in the search results. 

2. In the list of programs, click “Epic Games Launcher” and then click “Uninstall.”

Wait while Windows uninstalls the program. 

You’ve now completely uninstalled the Launcher, along with any games you might have installed using the Launcher. 

How to uninstall the Epic Games Launcher from a Mac

1. Open the Finder and click “Applications” in the left sidebar.

2. Find the Epic Games Launcher …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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