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When having Wi-Fi connection problems, most of us instinctively look at the bars on our computer or phone screen to see how strong our Wi-Fi connection is. That’s the equivalent of checking the oil level in your car by looking for the warning light on your dashboard – it only tells you about your car’s oil level in the most approximate way. There are much more precise tools available. 

You can measure signal strength several different ways. Sometimes, it’s indicated in terms of network speed, as in how many Mbps the network allows you to upload data. But this is only a user-friendly approximation: It’s officially measured in decibel milliwatts (dBm).

How to check Wi-Fi signal strength on a Mac

If you’re using a Mac, you can see the dBm level of your Wi-Fi network with a simple shortcut. Simply press and hold the option key while clicking the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar to see the signal strength in decibels. 

RSSI, or received signal strength indicator, is the key metric for your Wi-Fi’s signal strength.

How to check Wi-Fi signal strength on Windows

There’s no Wi-Fi signal strength meter built into Windows, but …read more

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