Yesterday we talked about the story of the brainwashed Trump-supporting gay Texan who finally believes in covid after his father-in-law and grandmother-in-law passed away from the virus. Tony Green, who cut cable and relies on Facebook entirely for his news, insisted on having a small weekend gathering with six family members in June. Everyone there caught coronavirus and went on to spread it. Tony was hospitalized and on the verge of a stroke, but recovered. After he lost family he decided to admit he was wrong, sort of, but didn’t say he’s not voting for Trump again and blamed the coronavirus panel for not handling the crisis better.

Unfortunately there are lots of idiots like Tony who haven’t experienced coronavirus personally and who are still planning on celebrating Thanksgiving as normal with family, maskless and not socially distanced. Dr. Anothy Fauci advises against it, but he’s not saying it directly unfortunately. CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield has said that these type of “small household gatherings” are causing a spike in cases. Dr. Fauci is saying we probably shouldn’t do traditional Thanksgiving this year.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Dr. Anthony Fauci is urging Americans to consider canceling the …read more

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