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I thought we all agreed to watch Joe Biden’s town hall on ABC? Why were so many people watching Donald Trump’s dumbass NBC town hall? I guess journalists were maybe watching both at the same time. NBC’s decision to give Trump that air time in direct competition with the Biden town hall ended up blowing up in NBC’s face. More than 100 writers, actors and producers with shows on NBC signed a letter asking their boss to move Trump’s town hall to a different time. Mariska Hargitay was NOT having a sexual predator on her network! But in the end, Trump’s thing aired for an hour on NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo and I guess people watched it. I don’t know why. Trump just seemed as batsh-t insane as ever. I’m not going to put up a million clips of his bullsh-t, but here’s part of the Daily Beast’s coverage:

Over on NBC, President Trump was busy doing a kinder, gentler impression of his usual self. Still, it included some of the same excesses. Pressed by host Savannah Guthrie on the conspiracy theory QAnon, which puts …read more

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