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Bill Gates says today’s tech CEOs have learned from his errors when it comes to antitrust scrutiny. 

The Microsoft cofounder addressed antitrust issues during a conversation with GeekWire cofounder Todd Bishop at the GeekWire Summit on Thursday, according to CNBC. He criticized the government’s approach to examining Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google and addressed his own history with an antitrust investigation. 

“Certainly the scrutiny is important. These companies are shaping communications, commerce — and the politicians have to think of, ‘OK, what are the rules there?'” Gates said, according to CNBC. “I think it’s kind of unfortunate that they’re grouping the companies together, because there are so many different issues.”

Gates noted how Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google operate in varying industries and each face their own set of concerns around issues like social media or ecommerce, CNBC reported.

But Gates also said that executives at those companies, in particular Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, have taken a different approach to dealing with regulators than he did in Microsoft’s early years.

He said his “main mistake” was that he failed to develop relationships in Washington.

“I think the main mistake I made, which was not realizing how important it would be to develop …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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