Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett on Big Brother

Five became four on Thursday’s eviction episode of Big Brother. 

With Memphis and Christmas on the block, you would think Cody and Enzo would want to cancel Christmas. 


This is the season of terrible reads and even worse houseguests. 

Nicole was telling Christmas she was safe, while Enzo and Cody were telling Memphis he was safe. 

But Christmas was lobbying to get Cody backdoored all week, and it got back to him. 

Then again, moving into the final four with Memphis was even scarier because he typically doesn’t tell anyone what he will do with the power. 

Enzo wanted to set Nicole up for fail with the jury, so he said he and Cody should split the vote to force Nicole to break a tie. 

Enzo has been worried about Nicole winning all the votes with the jury if she makes it to the end, which makes sense because she’s a previous winner. 

There’s a common misconception that the jury would not award anyone the win twice, as evidence by Dan Gheesling’s Season 14 stint. 

However, Nicole entered the house with a target on her back and managed to remain off the block for two-thirds of it. 

With the scheming out of the way, we entered the Jury …read more

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