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It has been a month and a half since Becca Kufrin finally confirmed her split from Garrett Yrigoyen.

Now, she’s opening up on her plans for the future … plans that include freezing her eggs.

This week, Becca Kufrin took to Instagram to share a significant life update with her followers.

“I am in the process of freezing my eggs,” the dazzling 30-year-old revealed to her followers.

“And,” she shared, “last night was the first night for the shots.”

Obviously, what Becca does with her reproductive organs and the gametes within is none of our business.

“But,” Becca explained, “I figure I want to document it and share it with you guys as much as I can.”

She has specific reasons for wanting to share insight into the process of harvesting and freezing her eggs for potential future use.

“I think it’s so important as women to know our bodies and our options,” Becca expressed to her followers.

“For me, I’m not old,” she said before acknowledging: “but I’m not a spring chicken.”

“And,” she added, “I want kids one day but not anytime soon and I figure why not do it now in quarantine?” 

Becca showed fans how she administers the shots into her abdomen.

“It’s really not …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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