Amber Portwood blows a kiss on social media

Months of near-silence has left fans wondering where Amber Portwood is these days and what she’s up to.

Right now, what she’s “up to” is silencing body-shamers by flaunting her curves.

“I enjoy and embrace all my curves,” Amber Portwood writes in one of the Snapchat messages that she sent to her fans and followers.

“And,” the snap that she shared this week continues, “[I] want everyone to feel the same way.”

“We are beautiful and curvy!” she joyfully declares.

“Goodnight everyone,” Amber wrote on another message.

“All women are beautiful,” she expressed in a hashtag.

These images were all accompanied by photos of Amber thirst trapping her followers in a flattering robe that showed off her skin and curves.

“I’m going to say this nicely…” Amber told her followers in another statement.

“And yes,” she acknowledged. “I am showing off a little bit of my curves.”

And why shouldn’t she?

Amber is addressing the topic “because a woman wanted to call me ‘fat’ and other things.”

“I don’t believe that as women, we should be talking about our bodies,” she added.

It seems like she is not just addressing criticism, but commentary about bodies altogether? Perhaps she means that they shouldn’t be obsessing or critiquing.

“If you’re skinny, fat, too tall, too short… …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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