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Mika Kol, a.k.a., @TrustFundGoth, has 17,000 followers on the popular clothing resale app Depop. The 21-year-old business major is an enigma on the Instagram-look-alike platform, breaking nearly every rule of ecommerce. 

“I’m not great at taking pictures,” she shared. Rather than waste time trying to master photography, styling, and modelling, Kol took her shop in a different direction: low-quality images coupled with provocative, poetic captions. 

Kol knows her Depop presence is confusing — are we meant to take “TrustFundGoth” seriously, or is it performance art? Either way, Kol’s made more than $50,000 in profits since joining the app in December 2018, through listings that pull in 30% to 60% in profits. 

Kol keeps her personal life a mystery, despite sharing blips of it in her captions on Depop. On Twitter, thousands of strangers gape at her outrageous antics, like modelling a $350 vinyl vest brimming with her own cash. Some criticize Kol for her ostensible wealth and privilege, while others call her “Queen.”

It’s an odd time for resale platforms, as some may pause buying and selling due to fears of coronavirus. On the other hand, many people left unemployed will be looking for new streams of income. …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Strategy


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