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Election Day is 19 days away but more than 17 million Americans have already cast their vote, according to the US Election Project,

In several swing states, more than twice the number of people have already sent in their ballot compared to 2016. 

More than two million people have already voted in Florida, roughly twice the 992,584 early votes cast in 2016, CNN reported. And according to The Hill, that’s 20% of the total voter turnout the state had in 2016. 

“We’ve been doing that work, you know, really encouraging people to vote by mail or vote early because we know that it’s so important to make your voice heard,” Andrea Mercado, executive director of the voting rights group New Florida Majority told The Hill.

Politico reported that while Republicans have previously had an advantage in early voting in Florida, this year Democrats are in the lead by a 384,000-vote margin as of Tuesday. 

In Michigan, over a million have already voted compared to the little more than 369,000 in 2016. 

Nearly 139 million Americans voted in 2016, with a little over 46 million votes cast early in the entire year. By comparison, this year’s early …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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