Judge Amy Coney Barrett is up for a nomination to the Supreme Court, and her hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee have been a complete farce. As Perry Bacon, Jr. writes at FiveThirtyEight, she dodged practically every single question — refusing to even entertain hypothetical questions about abortion, gun rights, whether Medicare is constitutional, or if President Trump could somehow move the election date.

Yet we can be quite confident that Barrett is lying through her teeth about most of those supposed non-opinions. Her record shows her to be a paint-blisteringly reactionary jurist who will reliably enact conservative policy preferences through judicial fiat. If she is confirmed to the court, the main question on how far these conservative judicial legislators will go is whether they will tactically pull back for fear of political backlash.

Barrett has learned well from Trump and the rest of the Republican Party, which camouflages its stupendously unpopular policy views by lying constantly about them.

Let’s run through some policy topics.

1) Environmental regulation. During the recent presidential and vice presidential debates, both President Trump and Vice President Pence claimed that they are in favor of clean air and water, and they trust the science on …read more

Source:: The Week – Politics


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