Eugene Hoshiko, Associated Press

Utahns may think they are doing well because they have a young, healthy population. But Japan is doing a whole lot better

Any time you have to bring a calculator to a press conference in order to understand what’s being proposed, that isn’t a good sign. Utah officials haven’t exactly created something you can put on an anti-COVID-19 bumper sticker.

Let’s see, your county will face the highest pandemic restrictions if it has a positive test rate of 13% or more over seven days, or a two-week rate of 325 cases per 100,000 people and if intensive care units are at least 72% filled, including 15% or more of those being COVID-19 cases.

Wait, is this going to be on the quiz? Will the test be open-book? If you followed everything that was said at Tuesday’s press conference, you may be getting night sweats about studying that you haven’t had since college.

Well, forget all that. The one thing you need to know — the easy-to-understand bumper sticker statement — is that everyone in Utah should wear a mask, period. Call it a mandate or a requirement, it doesn’t matter. That was the important takeaway on Tuesday. …read more

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