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The tech sector has produced some of the best performing stocks during COVID-19, with megacap tech companies leading the way.

But plenty of uncertainties remain as the pandemic is still a major concern for the broader market. 

In light of this, Morgan Stanley published a note on Thursday listing the six key questions about the tech industry as we head into 2021, and what the firm thinks about each issue. The questions cover everything from changes in the e-commerce industry to its thoughts on Big Tech regulations.

Listed below are the six questions and Morgan Stanley’s views about them:

1) How Much Will E-Commerce Decelerate in ’21 and Who Will Decelerate the Most? 

Morgan Stanley predicts the US e-commerce industry will grow just 8% in 2021, a big slowdown from the 40% expected growth this year. The deceleration is expected because this year’s massive growth is likely a one-time event driven by more people shopping from home during the pandemic. The firm sees Amazon to continue to grow, while Etsy and Wayfair to see the sharpest deceleration in 2021.

2) What is Our Rank Order on the Ad Names for 4Q and ’21? 

Morgan Stanley remains upbeat about the general digital ad space, as …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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