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Tamara Mowry is a new spokesperson for Zumba fitness, which sounds like a great collaboration on the surface. I have some personal experience with Zumba and do not recommend giving them money beyond going to classes. (More on that below.) I really liked what she told People about how fitness helps her mindset during lockdown and wanted to talk about it.

Tamera Mowry-Housley says that exercising amid the coronavirus pandemic has made her feel so much better — and not just physically.

“Exercise and moving my body really helped me mentally once the pandemic was upon us,” says Mowry-Housley, 42, who is teaming up with Zumba to encourage everyone to make time for a mental and physical break – a Zumba Break…

Explaining that she has been dealing with “a lot of stress and anxiety” during the health crisis, the actress says that staying fit has boosted her mental health.

“When we all had to be quarantined for so long, I really discovered the importance of diving back into exercising now that I had the time,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“I’m a …read more

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