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As Tesla prepares to face competition from a new generation of electric-vehicle startups that are preparing to roll out a host of exciting new vehicles, data that Elon Musk’s company has shared with the US government provides a few hints into how it works to recruit talent away from the likes of Rivian and Lucid Motors — and keep its employees from going elsewhere.

The US Office of Foreign Labor Certification requires companies to disclose compensation for permanent and temporary employees from outside the US to ensure the firms aren’t paying them less than the average wage earned by their peers. Tesla’s filings give a sense of how much the electric-car maker pays for some positions.

The salary data Business Insider analyzed is from 2020 and represents either an average or range among employees included in Tesla’s disclosures.

Here’s what some Tesla employees make each year:

Controls engineer: $125,724
Data scientist: $107,000
Equipment engineer: $99,188
Global supply manager: $122,244
Industrial engineer: $103,667
Integration engineer: $121,641
Lead senior-controls engineer: $124,500
Manufacturing engineer: $111,863
Manufacturing-engineering manager: $166,425
Mechanical-design engineer: $107,125
Process engineer: $93,989
Product manager: $121,500
Quality engineer: $93,978
Senior applications engineer: $131,076
Senior compliance engineer: $126,000
Senior data engineer: $147,500
Senior electronic-design engineer: $133,651
Senior manufacturing engineer: $121,346
Senior mechanical-design engineer: $116,390
Senior process engineer: $121,895
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