Trump and Biden Meet in First Presidential Debate

So yesterday, I was actively trying NOT to follow all of the bulls–t news that was “breaking” or “just in” or whatever. I would love to be able to take a pill and wake up the day after Election Day because the next 19 days are for sure going to feature the four horsemen of the apocalypse. But I guess we have to pretend to pay attention or else everything else will fall apart and just… whatever. The news came out yesterday: NBC invited Donald Trump to do a 90-minute town hall on what would have been the night of the second debate. The debate commission wanted to do the debate virtually, but Don the Coward said no and stomped his feet a little. The thing is, ABC had already invited Joe Biden to do a town hall on their network, and NBC positioned their “ask” specifically for the same timeslot. So now instead of fighting over Amy Coney Barrett’s assholery, we’re talking about… television ratings.

After Joe Biden’s campaign announced a town hall with ABC News following President Donald Trump’s declaration that he wouldn’t participate in the second debate, the president and his team …read more

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