President Trump is publicly unhappy with Attorney General William Barr after a federal prosecutor wrapped up an Obama-era “unmasking” investigation with no charges and no report. The Daily Show recalled how important the investigation was to Trump and his Fox News friends in an “in memoriam” segment Wednesday night.

Trump “is burning massive amounts of jet fuel to spread his message and germs all over big crowds of supporters in swing states,” even as COVID-19 cases are going up in almost every state — and going down in none, Jimmy Kimmel said on Kimmel Live. He pointed to a billboard outside Wednesday’s Iowa rally pointing to the “Trump COVID Superspreader Event” — “that is literally a sick burn” — and showed some scenes from Tuesday’s rally in Pennsylvania: “He’s dancing to “YMCA,” he’s kissing guys — is it possible that we might be gearing up for the greatest October surprise?”

“The president is trailing Joe Biden bigly in every poll, and I think it’s starting to get under his thick orange rind,” Kimmel said. “All kidding aside, this is a man who is spinning out. Yesterday he …read more

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